CNC Titan Pins and Forged Manganese Bushings have long been making their mark on the Caterpillar/Bucyrus Shovels. Proving to outlast any previous OEM or aftermarket alternatives in every application.

CNC Caterpillar/ Bucyrus parts are used in most major mines across the world.

  • Shovel: 495, 395, 295
  • Draglines: 2570, 7820, 8050, 8200, 8750, W2000
  • Drills: 49R, 61R

CNC manufactures pins, overlay pins, bushings, offset bushings, shafts, and rollers for Caterpillar/Bucyrus shovels, draglines and drills. CNC rollers for the Bucyrus undercarriages are manufactured out of forged steel, and induction hardened to surpass wear expectations.

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