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CNC Industries is a prominent manufacturer of OEM components for the Mining, Construction, and Earthmoving Industries along with specialized components used in the Oil Extraction process.

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CNC Pins

CNC provides our customers with quality pins that surpass all expectations. When tested in the field, our pins always perform. To meet the diverse needs of our customers we offer three product classes for pins which are recommended for different load applications.

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CNC Bushings

CNC Industries has been supplying premium bushings to mining operations all over the world for 35 years. With quality and precision, you can also find our alloy and bronze bushings with the same toughness and engineered characteristics you would expect from CNC. With exceptional fit and durability on CNC bushings, expect to achieve unprecedented hours on your machine.

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CNC Earthmoving

CNC has been producing world leading pin and bushing packages for 30 years to customers all over the globe. Look no further for your premium alternative to the OEM, where long lead times and high prices can be consistently found. Let us show you thorough service, quality, and world class production capabilities.

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Custom & Oilfield Manufacturing

As a leader in the oil and gas manufacturing industry, CNC has built a reputation on quality workmanship. CNC Industries can service any general oil and gas products including mud motors, jarring / fishing tools, rotary steerable tools, hydraulic fracturing tools, and completion tooling. This quality is not only found in the custom work we do but also in the brand name products we produce. In an industry as imperative as oil and gas, quality is not just important, it’s vital. CNC Industries holds the API SPEC Q1 certification specifying requirements for aspects such as performance, design and more.

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Featured Product

Forged Manganese

Although it has been claimed that centrifugally cast bushings outlast forged bushings, many users who have tried these bushings have found that no other combination will outlast CNC’s. Our original forged steel bushings have already proven to outlast any cast, centrifugally cast, or combination of either which have been hardened by other processes in field tests. In addition to our CNC Titan Pin, CNC created a new line of Titan Forged Manganese Bushings which are work hardened in the bores as high as 40+ HRC prior to any actual work hardening in the field. Benchmarks for wear claimed by competitors and head to head testing put CNC at the forefront of our industry; customers consistently return to CNC shortly after trying the competition.

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Quality & Certification

We are committed to providing quality products and services which exceed oil & gas, mining, and earthmoving industries standards.

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Certified since 1994

ISO 9001:2015

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